Due to biometric encryption requirements in several countries such as Canada and Turkey, and what should be considered standard best practices, there is a need for a solution that provides one-to-many searching on encrypted biometric information in polynomial time. We provide such a solution that is also biometric agnostic.

Step 1 : Enrollment is Just Another Term for Training

Our enrollment interface is configured to link Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to an unencrypted biometric input. All downstream processing is on encrypted biometrics. The enrollment interface is configured to trigger deletion of the unencrypted biometric information.

Step 2 : Upload Images

To upload images, select the button below Choose Images. Go to a directory of your choosing and select pictures with faces. The limit on file sizes from the web application is 1M. This limitation of for the interface. The server has no such limitation. Once the Enrollment or Seach actions commence, if any images are not suitable for processing, a message is given and the images are automatically removed. Remaining are the images suitable for processing. Add more images until there are 10 for Enrollment or 1 for Seach, respectively.

Step 3 : Search

The search function takes in 1 to 3 biometric images, uses a pretrained machine learning model to make predictions for each image, then uses a voting method to determine which prediction is correct. If the number of images is greater than 1, the search function performs a vote, where a pluraltiy algorithm determines the correct subject. Once predicted, the PII information for the Subject is shown.